Prefabricated footing mould suitable for summer cottage builders

The Foundation Store’s formwork solutions are suitable for foundation work of buildings of all sizes. They are also an excellent fit for independent builders, as time-consuming mould construction and demolition work requiring carpentry skills is not needed at all.

Timo Heino, who is building a summer cottage in Janakkala, chose the prefabricated footing mould due to its speed and easiness. According to him, he settled on the prefabricated formwork solution on account of other builders having positive experiences with it.

“I have already built all sorts of things, and this was overwhelmingly the easiest way to cast the building’s footing. I looked up the installation instructions on the internet, and me and my friend cut the moulds and set them on top of the foundation,” Heino says.

Heino’s unfinished summer cottage has a floor surface of 50 square metres. Next, a concrete plinth will be laid on top of the cast foundation, and a timber frame will be assembled on top of the plinth. Although Heino designed the footing moulds himself, he commissioned the moulding work through a precast concrete supplier. A similar moulding service will also be available via the Foundation Store.

“It sure was a joy watching the professionals at work. It only took an hour to mould the foundations,” Timo Heino says gratefully.