MK Raudoitus products included in the Foundation Store

At the end of April, the product selection of the Foundation Store expanded to include the industrially manufactured reinforcement products of the Loppi-based MK Raudoitus Oy. The prefabricated parts of the foundations for the building currently being constructed in Lohja for the housing fair by Rakennus Vaher Oy were supplied by MK Raudoitus and Beotek Oy, the company behind the Foundation Store.

Rakennus Vaher has done contract work on foundation sites for decades. Welded reinforcement cages made by MK Raudoitus were used for the foundations of the Lohja fair site due to their easy and quick installation. The mould system developed by Beotek is used to cast the building’s footing.

“By using prefabricated products the worksite stays clean and safe, as the products have been manufactured in factory conditions,” Beotek’s CEO Reijo Jokinen emphasises.

An automated machine can be adapted to many kinds of production

Like Beotek, MK Raudoitus has also invested in the development and manufacture of prefabricated concrete reinforcement solutions. According to Matti Kaarre, the CEO of the company specialised in rebar work, customers working on foundations also want ever more products to be readily assembled at the factory.
“For example, we make prefabricated, 3- and 6-metre reinforcement cages that can be further processed and moulded according to the customer’s wishes,” Matti Kaarre says.
Two years ago, MK Raudoitus (founded in 2016) acquired an automated reinforcement machine made by the Italian company Schnell. The machine, used to cut and bend rebar, ensures that large series of reinforcing element parts and small series commissioned for individual customers can be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively.
“As the machine is quick and easy to program, it can also be used to make small series that in the past would have required manual work. This is emphasised in modern times, as the customers also expect shorter delivery times than before,” Matti Kaarre says.

Watch the video of the automated reinforcement machine in action.

The right steel in the right place

  • The ground survey defines the load-bearing capacity of the soil at the building site. Uudenmaan Pohjatutkimus Oy, the Foundation Store’s partner, provides expertise in ground surveys and foundation design.
  • The footing spreads out the weight of the building. The smaller the load-bearing capacity of the soil, the wider and higher the footing needs to be.
  • In the event that even a sizeable footing cannot provide a sufficient load-bearing capacity at a building site, pile driving is used instead.
  • In Finland, the most common footing measurement is 200 x 600 mm. 3 T8 mm is used as reinforcement.
  • The Foundation Store’s prefabricated footing moulds are 5 metres long, with one mould weighing about 20 kg. The basic reinforced moulds are industrially manufactured. The lengthwise steeling is 3T8 and the transverse is T6K200.
  • In sites using piles, the Foundation Store supplies the column footing moulds and site-specific welded reinforcement cages, which are quick and easy to install. The standard MK Raudoitus reinforcement cages are included in the Foundation Store’s selection.