Information about the service is a new type of bidding tool for professionals in the construction industry. It is meant for ordering foundation products and making offer requests. is not a traditional online store where you buy and pay; instead, the products that you want are gathered in an offer request shopping cart. The offer request is non-binding, and the customer receives a project-specific offer within three weekdays of sending the offer request! In other words, the prices shown are list prices. After the order is made, the products are delivered to the building site according to the agreed schedule.

History of Beotek

The most recent years of Beotek Oy are best described with the words ”growth” and “development.” The newest development phase of the current footing product version began in 2013, when Reijo Jokinen started to invest more heavily into his company’s business and product development.
In 2013, the entrepreneur set up a production facility, acquired the machines and devices, and patented his method, which enabled him to continue onwards to larger markets.
The product, based on an idea of Jokinen’s already in the 1990s, was developed and improved further. In 2016 the company conducted market research, the results of which spurred it to examine the global market. Today, Beotek employs seven people and seeks strong growth in Finland and abroad, where it operates via the Beoform concept.
“I have developed the product for almost 30 years and can say that it is flourishing. In the Foundation Store, the offer and order process of the foundations has been productised into a smooth and straightforward online service,” Jokinen says.
Jokinen’s latest innovation is the bidding tool. The additional service, developed around the mould, directly benefits the professional builder’s work in the form of time saved and competitive prices.
”The Foundation Store also provides hardware stores with the latest foundation innovations amidst a familiar product environment,” Jokinen adds.